The Lost Prince: Chapter 2

Elsa awoke naturally, which was, well, quite unusual. She glanced over at Anna’s bed to find that she wasn’t there, and feared the worst. She grabbed her coat and ran out to the spot in the fjord where they normally skated. She found a shivering, frost-bitten Anna lying in the snow, whimpering only one word: “Jack”

“Mama! Papa!” Elsa shouted, not caring that they couldn’t hear her from in the castle. A thousand thoughts flew through her mind, but one shattered them all: that this was all her fault.

One of the guards must have called for the king and queen, for soon they had rushed out and the queen was cradling Anna. “She’s as cold as ice!” she exclaimed, “And we must get her inside quickly!”

The king looked at the gaping hole in the fjord. “My dear, I’m afraid we have bigger problems to deal with,” he said with a sigh. Then he looked toward the village, and the forests that lay beyond. “We must get to the trolls.”


After flying through the frozen land on horseback, the family arrived at the small glen that was home to the trolls. “Trolls, we need your help!” the king shouted, and one by one, the small, moss-covered rocks dispersed around the area rolled to a halt in front of them. Elsa clung to her mother’s skirt, scared by these strange creatures, until they sprung up and became little people!

The troll leader felt Anna’s forehead as Queen Idun lowered her to the ground. “It is only a bit of frostbite, which can easily be persuaded. You are lucky that this was only nature and not magic,” he explained, then brought out Anna’s memories, which showed Jack falling into the ice. “Such a traumatic incident in younger years can lead to a sorrowful life, so I suggest we remove all of her memories.

“You mean… she won’t remember me, or our parents, or Jack and Rapunzel?” Elsa asked in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry, it is for the best. She will still have her personality, just not the part that would have come out had she remembered the incident,” the troll explained, while the family watched her memories go white.

“And this…?” the queen asked, holding up a lock of Anna’s hair that had turned white.

“Is simply a side effect of the magic. Tell her that she was born with it. Now, there is something important that you and Jack’s family need to know.” Magical colors appeared in the sky, and arranged themselves to look like the four children. “No matter what happens, the four of you will always have a bond forged by love that can never be broken. Each of you will grow and change in your own ways, but you must always keep each other in your hearts. You must have a funeral for Jack once Rapunzel and Anna turn 18, where you will each give up your most prized possession for the others. Most of this will not make sense now, but follow this advice and your futures shall remain the same as they originally should have been.”


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