ATW S2 Chapter 2.5

Rosalynn’s Chicken Stir Fry Recipie

pound meat

Step 1: Pound the chicken, preferably with a metal hammer which is also a good thing to have for self-defense purposes

season and marinate

Step 2: Season and marinate chicken to your liking

pound meat again

Step 3: Pound the chicken again, this time much more aggressively, so that all of that marinating actually gives it some flavor (Note: tossing hammers in the air may result in hitting yourself with them if you’re not an experienced cook)

chop vegetables

Step 4: Chop up your chosen vegetables. If you’re not sure which ones to use, try broccoli, onion, and bell peppers.

put on stove

Step 5: Dump the vegetables and chicken into a pan, and place on the stove. Let them steam until they look done,stirring occasionally, then season to taste (throwing the seasoning shakers is optional, but super fun).

you're done

Step 6: Take the chicken and vegetables off the stove, and you’re done! This recipe is best served with rice.

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