The Lost Prince: Chapter 1

Three-year-old Anna ran around excitedly in the room she shared with her 6-year-old sister Elsa. “When are they gonna get here, Elsa?” she asked loudly.

“Soon, Anna,” Elsa replied, a smile on her face. She opened the window just wide enough to get onto the window-washers’ swing, and slowly hoisted herself up. As she looked over the docks of Arendelle, she saw a ship that was just being anchored. “They’re here!” she reported back to Anna once she had safely made it back into the room.

She had just closed the window when their mother, Queen Idun, strolled in. “Girls, your cousin Jackson is here. Unfortunately, Rapunzel couldn’t come for she is very sick, and is starting to make her mother feel a bit ill. Make sure to welcome Jackson, but be sympathetic for his worries.”

“Yes, mother,” the girls replied in unison, then cast each other a look. As soon as their mother left the room, they had quite the laugh.

“Worries? Jack never has any of those,” Anna remarked.

“We should go down to the throne room to meet him,” was Elsa’s curt reply, though she agreed with Anna.

As they entered the throne room, Anna spotted Jack and ran towards him. “Snowman time!” she shouted, engulfing him in a hug that he returned for a moment, before bowing to the king and queen.

“Thank you for having me,” he said politely, then whispered in Anna’s ear “The fjord is just about froze over- I’ll come get you at midnight.” Then he stood up and followed the servants to his room, turning back once to wink at Anna.


“Elsa, get up!” Anna urged, trying to pull her sister out of bed. “He’s gonna be here any minute!”

“No, Anna, I’m tired- I’m staying here,” Elsa replied, rolling back over to return to sleep.

Anna glanced up as Jack slowly opened the door, his face masked by the hood of his cape. “Elsa doesn’t wanna come,” Anna pouted as he helped her with her coat.

“Are you sure about that?” he asked Elsa, but then realized that she was already asleep. He gestured for Anna to follow him out of the room.


“Jack, why’s the ice makin’ noise?” Anna asked as it cracked beneath her feet.

“Well, it did just freeze over today… but that doesn’t matter. We’re going to play a game of hopscotch.” Jack answered with a hesitant smile.

“But we play hopscotch in the fall in the courtyard.”

“Ahh, but what you don’t know is that it’s ten times as fun on the ice.” Jack reminded her of the steps, making his way toward the end of a stick left there by the ice miners. “One, two, three!” he shouted as he threw her onto the dead grass. “See, wasn’t that….” His sentence was cut off as he fell into the ice.


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