It’s the end of Summer!

Here’s a nice large mega-post about things relating to the end of summer/the beginning of the school year!

Summer Short Reflections:

When I first started out with this save, I tried really hard to make a traditional family- all I’m going to say is that I’m not doing that again, because that’s never how things turn out in the end. I made up all of these restrictions, like the dad had to have a 9-5 job, the mom had to stay home and do all the chores without my help, help the kids with homework, and do any whim that the dad had that pertained to her. The thing is, she hates children. Charles, however, kept on getting whims to try for a baby with her, which meant that she was tense all the time and that we had more and more kids to look after. Once James became a child, I switched up the rule about helping with homework so that she wouldn’t have to do that for any child with a B or higher (by that time Anne had a B). Then she got pregnant with Elizabeth and was always passing out all over the place, and I was seriously getting tired of that animation. We also had dirty dishes and piles of trash from repairing things all over the place. I had played through all of that stuff back in May, so all I really had to do was edit the screenshots and write the story.

Now fast-forward to July. I’ve got a couple weeks where my family’s not on vacation to do some writing, and I run out of screenshots. So I go back in-game, and realize that the garden’s half-dead (though that’s not really important). One night after work, Charles kept getting whims to be romantic with Charlotte, until it was time for them to go to bed. I decided to have them woo-hoo. The problem with this was that I had a risky woo-hoo mod installed at that time, and both of them ended up pregnant. Pretty much every couple that had been woo-hooing at that time was getting pregnant, so I pulled the mod out, and when I went back to that save, we had another baby. The game had given them the name Angel, but the outfit showed that it was a boy. Having Charlotte take care of two babies while being pregnant meant a lot more passing out, but thankfully we had just gotten dishwashers, so I had Anne help with that. Finally Elizabeth aged up, and was… invisible (until I took her into CAS). There, I found out that she was the first child to inherit her mom’s brown hair, but something seemed off about it. I double-checked the color, and realized that Charlotte had light brown hair, while Elizabeth’s was dark brown. That was when I came up with the idea of Elizabeth having a power. Shortly after, Angel aged up, and in CAS I noticed that some of my longer CC hairs and more girl-ish clothes were available for boys. In the story, I did say that Angel was Edward’s daughter, with the reasoning for that being I play for realism (aka guys can’t get pregnant), and Edward was enemies with a teenage girl named Terri.

Finally, we get to the last game-day that I’ve played: Edward’s and Anne’s birthday. Since I made them in CAS, they apparently get the same birthday even though they’re different ages. Edward aged up to YA, and Anne aged up to teen. At that point, I knew what trait I wanted to give Anne, but I didn’t know what to do for her aspiration. Then I remembered that I had this one career mod that I wanted to test out, and decided that she would go into that career as a YA, and based her aspiration off of that. Anne’s teen makeover was really fun, and I downloaded a hair specifically for her. Then I had her invite over Leticia and Lauryn so I could age them up as well. I really wanted to give Leticia family-oriented since she’s always autonomously interacted with the babies, but that trait is actually one that you can’t give to teens (another reason why my simself is a YA). Then I had Anne and Leticia talk for a bit while I tried to figure out what to do with them, which brings us up to where I’ve played.

With all of that being said, I’m happy to announce that next summer the story will revolve around Anne’s teenage years. But I’ve got a huge warning right here: there’s going to be a major heart-breaking event at the end of it. 😥 I’m also hoping to show some of the parents’ imperfections as well, and you’ll get to meet the eighth member of the household! Gee, this is starting to sound like After the Wedding right before Mary Anne’s wedding… meaning that it’s going to be crazy fun.

Now I’ve got a little game for you: the other reason why I decided to make Angel Edward’s daughter was because her name didn’t fit the theme that I had been using. If you have an idea as to what the name theme is, take a guess in the comments.

Here’s the names again: Charles, Charlotte, Edward, Anne, James, Elizabeth

And here’s a random fun fact: my cousin actually had her baby on my birthday, which was back in May when I did a lot of the playing for this, and his name is James.

So… How about that Summer?

The end-of-summer surprise, that is. Read on to find out!


Queen Elsa

“It’s Elsa!” Ami exclaimed.

“Yes, it is, and this is that present that I told you about earlier this summer,” I replied, smiling at how happy my sister was.

“But didn’t you say something about a Summer Surprise?”

“It’s not just a surprise for you, it’s also a new story for everyone to read!”

A New Story?!

Yes, a new story. However, this is slightly different in the fact that it has nothing to do with Sims, and everything to do with FanFiction. The story is divided into four “books”: The Lost PrinceDaughter of the Moon, and the last two (which I haven’t come up with titles for yet). The reason why I’m doing this is because I’ve already written a large chunk of the first book, and when I’ve posted it on another site and shown it to some of my friends from school, they’ve really liked it. I’ll pretty much always be ahead of what I’m posting here, so all I really have to do is copy-paste from a Word document. Sometimes I might include pictures/videos from ingame, especially from the first and third books, but that probably won’t always be the case (the main character in the second book has some seriously complicated outfits, and the fourth book is a long ways off yet).

What’s it a FanFic of? It’s kind of a really unusual mixture of real life, FrozenTangled, and Rise of the Guardians, with some Brave and How to Train your Dragon mixed in, as well as references to other movies and books. The main difference between the and similar FanFic is that instead of showing the characters as friends or romantic interests, they’re all related, and the books take place in different time periods (book 1 is in the time period of the above movies, book 2 is about their children, book 3 is in modern times, and book 4 is in the future). Another “rule” is that any shipping must happen within a movie (for example, Anna and Kristoff would be fine, but Jack Frost and Elsa wouldn’t). The first chapter will come out tomorrow.

Schedule (for this school year):

Saturday- The Lost Prince

Sunday- After the Wedding

On a weekday where I have extra time- After the Wedding .5 post (not guaranteed every week)


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