ATW S2 Chapter 1.5

like my sister

When Regina arrived at the wedding, she didn’t realize that there was someone following her. She was, of course, happy for the bride and groom, but you could just tell that there was something in her eyes- a sadness, maybe for the loss of her children, maybe in remembrance for her sister.

Rosalynn had worn this same outfit to her mom’s and step-dad’s wedding, where she was the mixologist.

She had also worn her hair this exact same way, and it was this exact same color that she had only passed on to one of her children.

Just like Regina.

what are you doing here

When Regina headed outside with her slice of cake after the wedding, she saw him. Her son, Aidyn- he was a child now! The way that he resembled his mother was incredible- the same hair, the thin lips, and the same body type that she had had as a child. All of this would hit her much later- in that moment, she was only concerned with one thing.

“Why are you here?” she asked him, knowing full well that Daniel could twist the story so she had kidnapped Aidyn or something to that effect.

“I wanted to see you,” Aidyn replied. “It’s hard when you’re the only one who looks this similar to your mother that you don’t remember.”

“What about your siblings? Are they here too?”

“Cynthia was here earlier, right after the ceremony, but Rayden decided not to come- he said that he needed to make enough noise so that Daddy wouldn’t get suspicious and look for us.”

“Oh. I didn’t see Cynthia, but I wasn’t really looking for her, either. You know, she’s the only one as well.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s the only girl.”

“But she looks exactly like Rayden! They both even have matching glasses!”

“I’m sure they don’t wear the same clothes, though, or have the same interests.”

“I guess not. Rayden likes playing in the backyard with me, but whenever we invite her to play Cynthia says that she would rather stay inside and draw or play music.”

“But she does talk to people, right?”

“Yeah- I think, out of the three of us, that she’s the one who talks to Daddy the most.”

“Well, that’s better than being alone all the time. Here, you can have this piece of cake. It’s not like I really need it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. You’d better eat that quickly and get home; it’s past your bedtime.”

“Okay, thanks Mom!”

Regina's plan

After that brief conversation, Regina went back inside and sat down by Alexander and Stuart. Neither of them seemed to want to engage in conversation, and that was fine with her- she had other things on her mind. Like how she could see her other two kids. And if she could gain some custody of the three of them. The usual worries that a parent has when their child isn’t interested in talking to anyone were there as well. But overall, Regina was happy that she had gotten to see one of her children, and that another one of her children had hopefully gotten to see her. The fact that there was music coming out of the speaker on the other side of the room helped intensify that happy feeling, she seemed to also be a little confident as well.

It looks like she’s got a plan.

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