ATW S2 Chapter 1: The (Good) Cake Thief


“I’m SuperSim, and I’ve gotta go and save the world!” Berjes shouted just before he went across the monkey bars.

only toy

Berjes’ SuperSim action figure was one of the only toys that he had, but the fictional character was his hero. He could do anything and everything, and everyone loved him.

can you play

But it’s no fun playing superhero by yourself, so Berjes was always looking for someone to play with him.

“Hey, Mindy, can you play with me? I need someone for SuperSim to rescue,” he asked her.

“I’m sorry, Berjes, but I have to get home to take care of Emerson. Maybe I’ll tell Mary Anne to come play with you when she gets back, okay?” Mindy replied.

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

playing piano

Excited that he was going to have someone to play with, Berjes went into the mostly unused dining room to play a happy song on the piano, hoping that Hailey wouldn’t come and yell at him for being loud.

I'm here

A short while later, Berjes met Mary Anne outside. “I’m ready for you to rescue me, SuperSim!” she exclaimed, and the two went to the backyard to play.

cake theif

That evening, Berjes came back to the kitchen to find Mary Anne scarfing down the last slice of Beatrix’s birthday cake. “Hey, I was going to eat that!” he complained.

it's okay

“Sorry,” Mary Anne said. “I guess it’s just that gluttonous nature of mine,” Mary Anne replied.

“It’s okay- hey, I found a spoon that’s as long as my forearm!” Berjes smiled as he pulled out a huge spoon from the drawer. “I’m going to use this for my cereal!”

“Do Henry David and Hailey have music playing like this all the time?”

“Yeah- why?”

“It’s just so- soothing and refreshing.”

Berjes shrugged. “I guess.”

they're blessed

“I hope that you know that you’re a really awesome kid, no matter how people may treat you,” Mary Anne said as she was about to leave. “And I also hope that Henry David and Hailey know how amazing you are. If I was caring for you, I would never, ever give up on you.”

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