The Dollhouse, Chapter 8: Too Good

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When I walk into my room, Elizabeth is there waiting for me. I pause before saying anything because she’s got her eyes closed like she’s really thinking about something. “Elizabeth?” I ask quietly, and when she doesn’t reply, I sit down next to her on the bed.


“Anne,” she asks me, “I heard Mommy and Daddy talking, and I was wondering- is it true that one person could really make the family fall apart?”

Then it’s my turn to think for a minute. “Yes,” I reply, “though the family has been on the verge of falling apart for a very long time. It’s not just you; everyone has done something that they think of as bad. You having this combined with the fact that Edward had a kid with Terri has just made them talk about it a lot more. The fact that Mommy and Daddy kept having so many kids was just making it more and more likely for something like this to happen. They’re going to blame everyone but themselves for it, and even complete accidents like James and the paint are going to be seen as bringing ruin on us even when they really didn’t.”

“Wait… I just realized… you’ve never done anything bad, have you?”

“I guess not. But Edward hadn’t really done anything bad either, until he was almost a young adult, and I’m only about to be a teen. There’s still time for things to happen.”

“Then we’d better make some things happen- let’s go meet up with James and Edward.”

making something happen

“…So we obviously need to do something to make them remember that they have us, and that we’re important,” Elizabeth finishes.

“Okay, I’ll just get another girlfriend- I’ve had my eyes on Cassandra anyways,” Edward says.

“Ummm… I could get good grades for once?” James replies sheepishly.

“Good… let’s see, I could drastically improve my understanding of the universe by spending more time in the observatory…. Anne, what are you going to do?” Elizabeth asks, turning to me.

“I-I don’t really know… I’d better get that,” I reply, hearing the doorbell ring.

As I let Malcolm in, I take a deep breath, trying to clear my mind so I can think of something, though I know that it will be useless.

Why can’t I be more like my siblings?


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