ATW Season 1 SimFacts

General Stats:

Households Played: 10

Households Unplayed: 82

Highest Number of Traits on a single Sim: 8 (achieved by Rosalynn Goth)

Deceased Sims: 

Name: Rosalynn Goth

Cause of Death: Old Age

Skills Maxed: Cooking

Other Notable Skills: Gourmet Cooking (5), Mixology (7)

Dying Wish: To have more grandchildren (like we don’t have enough sims on the family tree)


Rosalynn childRosalynn teenRosalynn adultRosalynn Goth

Name: Alexander Goth

Cause of Death: Old Age

Skills Maxed: Fitness

Other Notable Skills: Cooking (5), Gourmet Cooking (6)

Dying Wish: Have one child/grandchild reach the top of their career (I’m hoping for Annabeth to complete this)

I would put pics here, but I think we all know what Alexander looks like as a child, and he pretty much keeps the same appearance teen through elder.

Glitch… or Fate?

When I first moved Rosalynn and Alexander into their own home, I had to play through their first few days three times- the first time Alexander’s soulmate aspiration wasn’t registering them as gf/bf, so I made them break up, and Alexander got way too sad for me to handle, so I quit without saving (I changed his aspiration to Successful Lineage)

  • The second time I played through, Alexander and Rosalynn got married before Rosalynn gave birth, and they had a beautiful baby girl named Annabeth. Unfortunately when I tried to take Annabeth into CAS after she became a child, the game crashed, and I hadn’t saved 😦
  • The third time I played through, Rosalynn and Alexander didn’t get married until after the birth, and they gave me a surprise… twins!!

Regina and Daniel didn’t actually have triplets- I had a mod glitch where I had gotten Regina pregnant, saved & exited, and when I came back there were two invisible babies (Rayden and Cynthia)… and Regina was still pregnant. I was able to get them back, but Daniel had the option to breastfeed… which was interesting (don’t worry, I got rid of that and realized that an update to another one of my mods provided the same functionality).

Also, Henry David and Hailey suffered from that one thing where my sims won’t get married, so I just did it in CAS during the wedding party. We failed the party, but I had already gotten gold when Mary Anne got married, so it was fine.

Special Guests:

I’m not sure why I pluralized that, because there was really only one guest: CathyTea’s ( Elder Wolff came in looking for his son Free… and ended up teaching Henry David about game-aware sims and was the caterer and Henry David and Hailey’s wedding.

Elder caterer

Hints for Season 2?

Well, there’s definitely going to be more emphasis on the guys (and more guys in general). Beatrix doesn’t leave right away. If you want to know more, look at the family tree (specifically Alexander’s area). I’ve got it up-to-date with how far I’ve played, and there’s biographies added for some of the characters as well.

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