The Doll House, Chapter 7: Stories and Moonbeams


“So Uni, my friend Lauryn told me at school today that unicorns can live forever, and I was wondering if you could tell me something about the past,” I ask.

“The biggest thing that you should know,” Uni replies, “Is that history often repeats itself. I’m sure that you’ve heard this before, but it really is true. It creates a sort of interconnection between the past, present, and future as we see them. I’m going to tell you a very real story that is destined to repeat itself very soon, if it hasn’t already.

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby girl, a princess, was born. There was a full moon out on the night that she was born, and the way it reflected off of her pale skin seemed to make everything else in the room fade away. Because of this, her parents named her Lunessa, and she earned the nickname, ‘daughter of the moon’.

As she grew older, her parents realized that there was something very different about her, a kind of darkness, but in the hands of a child like her it was harmless. That was what they believed until the Queen’s cousin sent her daughter, who was Lunessa’s age, to stay with them.

By this time, Lunessa was old enough to know about this darkness, and could skillfully make it into many beautiful things- strutting peacocks, majestic horses, and the most gorgeous ballgowns were only a few of the things that she had taught herself to make.

When Lunessa showed her power to her second cousin, she was met with a response of, ‘That’s evil because darkness kills the light’ and that cousin refused to see Lunessa until they were adults. When that cousin got married, she was forced to invite Lunessa and her family, though she did it with great resentment.

Lunessa had been trying to get rid of that power all those years, and refused to talk to people besides her parents. She couldn’t see any goodness in her powers, and was always bitter, so her nickname changed to ‘Lunessa the Stone-Hearted’.

At the wedding, Lunessa grew angry that the people in her cousin’s kingdom ruined the purity of the night with their floating lights, and accidentally unleashed her power. This caused her to run away and lose faith in her own kingdom accepting her.

I know that you might be too young to understand what I’m trying to tell you with this story, but just think about it, okay?”


“Okay, Uni- I will. I love you.”

“I love you too.”



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