The Dollhouse, Chapter 6: Sibling Rivalry

baby Elizabeth

Today Elizabeth was born. When I walked into the nursery, Mommy was holding her, but I didn’t really notice her or what she was saying. All I noticed was Elizabeth, and I kept on walking closer and closer; being drawn to her but not knowing why. That was when I bumped into the crib, and realized that everything was blurry except for her.

just pretend

Leaving the room, everything seems to be returning to normal, so I go downstairs to tell Edward and James what happened. Before I can say anything, James asks, “I’m Daddy’s favorite, right?”

“No, I’m Dad’s favorite, because I’ve been here longer,” Edward argues.

“But he helps me with my homework- he doesn’t do that with either of you.”

“That’s because he thinks that you’re too immature to do it yourself.”

“We all know that Mommy helps you with your homework, and besides, I want to paint like Daddy does-”

“I just got back from Elizabeth’s room and when I was in there everything was all blurry except for her and it was really weird,” I blurt out.

“Anne, you’re just making things up- everything looked perfectly fine when I was in there,” Edward replies before resuming his conversation with James.

did you see anything

“James, you didn’t see anything weird when you were in the nursery, did you?” I ask him later, after he’s gotten to see Elizabeth.

“Nope, but it smelled really stinky in there,” he replies.

I guess I must be seeing things.


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