ATW Chapter 11: This is the End

Commentary in this chapter by Henry David and Beatrix

this is the end

Beatrix: So, this is it, right?

Henry David: For you it isn’t- I mean, you get your own spin-off!

Beatrix: But you get a second season with the people you’ve known your whole life right beside you! Plus, your wedding gets to happen between seasons!

Henry David: I think they’re getting a bit confused- maybe we should go back a bit….


Henry David: So I knew that things were really weird when this guy named Elder came around looking for his son, Free-Jon. He said that he came from a different hard-drive, and…

Beatrix: You’re getting it completely wrong! It got weird when…

Henry David: Just let me tell my version first, okay? I’m the big brother here.

Beatrix: Fine.

Henry David: As I was saying, Elder was looking for his son, and since I had been wanting to meet Mary Anne’s son, I suggested that we meet up the next day by her house. He thought that the idea was great, since there’s this huge pirate ship playstructure near there.

now i'm GA

Henry David: When I mentioned that, Elder said that we had better take this inside, because apparently there have been some interesting experiences in the past for people that he’s had this conversation with who weren’t exactly prepared for it…

Beatrix: Oh great, here’s that really weird and confusing part that I don’t get.

Henry David: So basically, he explained that all of those stars in the sky are actually hard drives like what’s in our computer, and he went on to explain how some people and places are in almost all of them. Our dad is one of those people, and Ophelia Villa and the surrounding neighborhood are there, too.

Beatrix: So you’re saying that we could possibly have a whole bunch of brothers and sisters that we don’t know about?

Henry David: More like half- brothers and sisters, because Rosalynn was a player-made sim who’s never traveled through the Gallery.

Beatrix: What do you mean, was? They’re not dead yet.

Henry David: You ask way too many questions, but I’ll answer this last one: when the hard drives first appear, Alexander is actually a child, Cassandra’s a teen, and Bella and Mortimer are adults. Similarly, players can choose to make sims of different ages- Rosalynn was made as a child, and our grandma Rosario was made as a young adult.

Beatrix: It still doesn’t make sense, but keep going.

i'm fine

Henry David: So the next day, Elder and I went over to Mary Anne’s after school. The first thing I did was ask Mary Anne how she was feeling, and she replied ‘like I just had a kid’. Then I goofed off a bit with Polyanna before going to see him.

love at first sight

Henry David: Emerson was a bit fussy at first, but after I picked him up and talked to him, he was fine.

Beatrix: I think it was actually when you kissed him that he calmed down.

Henry David: Where’d you hear that from?!

Beatrix: *smirks evilly*

fun and games

Henry David: So then I went outside to look for Elder, and came across Regina’s boys at the playground (Rayden=blond, Aidyn=brown). I played as a sea monster with them for a little bit, until a few more kids came and I felt like I was swamped with pirates!

ghost dancing

Henry David: I went inside to tell Mary Anne that I was going home, and I found her, Annabeth, and Cassandra in the living room dancing.

Beatrix: What was it like meeting a ghost?

Henry David: It was actually just like meeting a normal person, except she changes colors with her emotions. It turns out that she’s also gloomy.

Beatrix: This gloominess thing is now sounding like a family curse… now it’s my turn to tell the story!

Henry David: Take it away.

i found them

Beatrix: While you were at Mary Anne’s, Rosalynn took me to the lounge and said that it was the “initiation” for the girls of the family, made a tradition by Regina, Annabeth, and Mary Anne.

Henry David: That’s not much of a tradition then.

Beatrix: I didn’t really believe her, and I probably would’ve said something against it had I not been in one of my gloomy moods. But Rosalynn looked me in the eye and said, “We found them.”

Henry David: Your birth family?

Beatrix: Yep. At the time, I was a bit too down in the dumps to fully realize what this would mean, but Rosalynn explained it all anyways. She said that my birth mom, Jessica Knight, used to be a journalist until her travels took her to the island where she met my dad, Ahio. They fell in love, got married according to tribal traditions, and had me. When people came looking for wreckage from Jessica’s ship, they used an old research station as a place to stay, which is how they found me. When they found out that I had been taken, Jessica and Ahio had another daughter, Waikika, to take my place in the family line, though they vowed to find me. Once Waikika was old enough to leave the island, Jessica was able to use some of her high-powered contacts to secure them a home here. Ahio went into a government intelligence job, hoping to find some record of what had happened to me, while Jessica stayed home to raise Waikika. Eventually, Jessica and Ahio also had two more kids, Hahon and Cadence.

Henry David: So you’re going back to the island?

Beatrix: I’ll stay here long enough to finish high school and take care of Rosalynn and Alexander, then the whole family will go back.

Henry David: I think we should explain why we’re sitting at a table with almost a whole cake.

Beatrix: Okay, you start.

party food

Henry David: So today- well, technically yesterday now- was my birthday, and I had the idea to have a crazy, wild party at night, while our parents were sleeping. So I invited all of my teen friends over, and I also got some random guy who was walking around outside to come over as well.

Beatrix: That whole thing was when I started getting confused- apparently Gabrielle (pink jacket) could only come due to the space-time thingy getting damaged by one of Lacie’s brother’s friends or something like that.

Henry David: Gabrielle’s actually supposed to be at university, but it’s kind of both a high school and a college, which is kind of confusing because when you think about it, we don’t actually have a college.

Beatrix: You lost me there. Anyways, while Henry David greeted people, I knew that people would get hungry, so I grabbed some grilled cheese from the fridge for people to eat, since it was the only party food that we had.

Henry David: And you really should have heated it up first- haven’t Rosalynn’s cooking lessons taught you anything? But we should go through who was there: (clockwise from left of Beatrix) Gabrielle, Lacie, Jonathan (that random guy off the street), Hailey, and Spencer.

everyone's bored

Beatrix: I really tried to make conversation with some of the girls after they got done eating, but they were all complaining that you had only invited them so that Hailey would have girls around to criticize

Henry David: Which totally isn’t true!

bad dancing

Beatrix: The only thing that I could think of was to take them upstairs to dance

Henry David: Which made them completely embarrassed!

Beatrix: and Jonathan also came up- I bet that he was trying to get a girl out of this, but I wasn’t about to break his poor heart by dating him, then leaving when I turned 18.

being goofy

Henry David: But you should’ve seen Hailey and Spencer while you were upstairs! They were being so hilarious that I almost broke one of the dishes that I was trying to wash!

Beatrix: I told you that we needed to buy some throw-away stuff.

Henry David: But I didn’t because I assumed that you would be cleaning up!


Beatrix: Anyways, while Henry David over here was being all lover-boy, was baking his birthday cake.

Henry David: I should have just done it myself- leave it to you to make plain old vanilla.

Beatrix: At least I thought to add sprinkles!

Henry David: Yeah, ones that are more suited for a little kid’s pony party.

Beatrix: Well, maybe you should’ve picked out a cake from the store, then- it’s not my problem that you were being so lazy.

Henry David: So, to keep this last part short, I blew out the candles just as the sun was coming up and found out that my final trait was outgoing, then Hailey blew out her candles and found out that her last trait was bro, so now I finally have someone to have my bro-time with.

Beatrix: But he forgot to mention that he gets to get married, move out, and have kids, while I have to stay here and take care of old people for the rest of my teen-life.

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