ATW Chapter 10: A Flicker and a Drink

someone at the door

“Lacie, there’s people at the door that I don’t know!” Kristofer called to his sister.

why so early

“This better not be some prank… who comes around this early, anyways?” Lacie muttered to herself before going to answer the door.


more time

“Yes, you’re in a game, and yes, I chose to play you… no, I didn’t make you- the game did,” I explained to Lacie, who stood with a smirk on her face. “I know that you don’t believe me, but I have something that will make you change your mind. I know that you and Nawwaf are together, and that you’ll age up long before he does, so I’ve got a potion here that will give you more time. I also brought a second one for your brother so that he’ll have enough time to finish his aspiration.”

but you can only tell

“… and the only people who can know about this are you, Lacie, Henry David, Hailey, and Nawwaf,” Ami said as she finished explaining everything to Kristofer.

“But does anyone already know?” Kristofer asked.

“Gabrielle, Waikika, Hahon, and Cadence are the only ones who already know, but they’re not around right now,” Ami replied.

we need to leave

Glancing inside, I noticed that something was off with the lighting, making it look like Ami was flickering… but the light was steady, and nothing else seemed to have that strange effect.

“Ami, get out here. The Space-Time Thingy seems to be collapsing around you, which means that we have to leave. NOW.”

liquid youth

The only trace of us was the two cups of Liquid Youth that Lacie and Kristofer made sure to drink and dispose of before their mom woke up.

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