The Dollhouse, Chapter 4: On the Other Side


I’m just eating a few chips for breakfast today because I’m too excited to eat a whole bunch. Here’s why: Leticia’s coming over today! We’re going to have a lot of fun playing dolls and playing outside, and she’s also going to stay for dinner.


Before I can get dressed, the doorbell rings. Edward goes and answers it- Leticia’s here! Her big brother Rory brought her, and Rory is the same age as Edward, so they can play together, too! Leticia takes awhile before she starts talking to me, which is kind of odd. She’s looking around like she’s never seen anything before. When she does speak to me, I notice something in her voice that’s different. Her voice isn’t deeper like Edward’s and Daddy’s, and it isn’t higher like Mommy’s. It sounds more like the voice of one of the people on one of the really boring TV shows that Mommy watches, except that those TV shows don’t have any kids on them.

lack of furniture

Leticia and I go to my room to play dolls. “I wish I had some more furniture for them- a table and a couch isn’t realistic at all,” I say, expecting Leticia to agree with me.

“We don’t have that much furniture at my house, so it’s perfectly realistic,” she replies. Then I try to figure out how you could live with so little furniture, but I can’t imagine it.

good girl

Leticia leaves my room while I get dressed. When I’m done, I find her in the nursery, where she’s playing with James. “That’s my brother James,” I say, hoping that he doesn’t cry from seeing someone different. But he starts laughing when Leticia tickles him.

what i didn't hear

We’re going downstairs when I hear yelling from Mommy’s and Daddy’s bedroom. I start talking very loudly to Leticia so she won’t hear it, but it gets loud enough that we can hear it anyways- and it’s about her and Rory.

“You shouldn’t have let your sister bring home scum like them! You know that people like them shouldn’t be allowed here- one day one of them will go and marry someone in our family; if not us, then someone from one of the other rich families, and we can’t let that happen! We must preserve our blood, and show people like them who is the most important in this world, because if we don’t, our traditions and ways of living will perish, while theirs live on into eternity.”

i'll always like you

Not wanting her to hear any more of this, I lead Leticia downstairs. “Don’t worry about what Daddy says,” I tell her. “He’s always in a bad mood like that. You’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met, and I’ve never really had a friend before you.” Then we hug, and I take her outside.


I show Leticia my big pirate ship, and she says that she wants to try it out, but neither of us are really interested in playing. I’m standing in the crow’s nest, trying to figure out why Daddy would say such a thing, while Leticia spins the steering wheel, not caring if she runs into a rock or octopus.

liking her

At dinner, Mommy talks really fast and loudly to Leticia. She’s probably never met someone like her, so I let them talk, but I notice that Leticia’s not paying attention to her words- one of Mommy’s necklaces has caught her eye.

boring conversation

I’m still not hungry, so I go find Edward and Rory. They’re eating outside, and are talking about some girl named Cassandra Goth. They’re talking about her being home for once, which doesn’t make any sense to me- if she’s not home, then how can she go to school? They’re talking too fast now, and have moved on to something else that I’m not sure what it is. I pretend that they’re talking about how fish tastes on a different planet, and just sit there in my little fantasy until Leticia and Rory have to go home.


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