Gameplan- Summer 2015


“So here’s what’s going to happen,” I explain to my sim-sister over breakfast. “We’ll go to the Fisher household while their mom is asleep, tell Lacie and Kristofer about what’s going to happen and who to tell about it, give them their gifts, and get out of there before the day ends.”

“Can I help wrap the presents? And where are they, anyways?” Ami asks.

“Well, I don’t exactly have them yet, but I’ll work on that while you’re at school. And we probably shouldn’t wrap them either, because they would probably leak all over the wrapping paper, which would defeat the purpose of having them.”

“Oh- why are we doing this?”

“Because Elder Wolff is going to be coming to look for some people, and no one in this save file is aware that they’re in a game, but Elder is, which has been proven to be traumatizing if he spills anything.”

“Are the people missing?”

“Yes- well, they’re not exactly missing, because the players know where they are, but it’s kind of a little show for the readers.”

“Can I have a present, too?”

“You’ll get your own special present when we start working on the end-of-summer surprise.”


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