ATW Chapter 9: Tough Choices

it's a great opportunity

“It’s a great opportunity, and just filling out the application won’t hurt- you don’t have to do an interview or anything, and the whole thing is really straightforward. They might not even accept you,” Stuart said to his girlfriend’s daughter, Gabrielle.

“You know for a fact that they’re only going to accept spoiled rich kids, and even if they did accept me I would refuse to go to school with those kinds of people,” Gabrielle replied, trying to deter Stuart from this idea that she should go to Briarwick University.

do it for him

Stuart went inside to go watch T.V. with Gabrielle’s brother Nawwaf, and her mom, Joslyn, took this chance to try to persuade Gabrielle. “You know that if you get in and graduate with good grades, you could get an amazing job that would bring you out of this life, and into a better one,” she said to Gabrielle.

“Or you could just marry Stuart, and when his mom dies we would be able to move into her house and get all of her money,” Gabrielle replied sarcastically. She really didn’t want her mom to marry Stuart, but in this case the suggestion could save her from having to leave everything behind.

“Well, I’ll make you a deal- if you don’t fill out the application, you’ll have to wear frilly pink dresses from the day of the wedding on,” Joslyn countered, knowing that Gabrielle wouldn’t like this idea.

“Fine,” Gabrielle replied as she went inside to convince Nawwaf to help her. A new plan was forming in her head, and it all relied on her getting in to the school.

I filled out the application

That night after Stuart had left, Gabrielle told Joslyn and Nawwaf about what she had done. “I filled out the application, and I looked at their website- it looks like I’ll get to have my own room there, and they’ll decorate it for me and everything!”

“That’s great, honey- what major are you looking at doing?” Joslyn asked, hoping that her daughter was going to pursue something that wouldn’t be too big of a waste of time.

“I’ll tell you if I get in,” Gabrielle replied with a smirk on her face.


so what are you studying

A few weeks later, Gabrielle and Nawwaf were playing chess when Nawwaf asked her the question: “So, what are you going to study there?”

“Political Science,” Gabrielle replied.

Nawwaf stared at her, wondering why she would choose something that would make her have to be out there so much, but then he remembered that this was Gabrielle- she wasn’t shy, and was going to do whatever she wanted without any regrets.


It was finally time for Gabrielle to leave, so Stuart and Nawwaf’s friend Lacie Fisher had been invited over for a small going-away party. Okay, so everyone knew that Nawwaf and Lacie really liked each other, so Gabrielle had told Nawwaf to invite Lacie over to see if anything would happen.

joslyn stuart proposal

at least you're not leaving

It turns out that things did happen- things like new relationships, promises to get married, things along that line. Gabrielle spent most of the party in the bathroom, trying to convince herself that this was the right thing to do…


while making sure that she would be able to turn a few heads when she got there.


The party was over all too soon, and it was time for Gabrielle to say her good-byes. Nawwaf was the last person that she said this to, and he gave her a big bear hug she whispered in his ear, “Don’t have too much fun without me.”

Author’s Note: Gabrielle’s house is called Pool Starter, and was made by beanie712. It is available for download on the Gallery. The house was furnished by me. If you would like to hear more about Gabrielle’s adventures at Briarwick University, check out SummerFalls’ blog:

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