The Doll House, Chapter 3: Promises

hey uni

“Guess what, Uni? Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital, where Mommy is having the baby!” I tell my big pink stuffed unicorn. “And since Edward won’t play with me, I guess I have to talk to you.”

I listen to what Uni is saying, then I reply, “Don’t worry, we’ll still be friends after the baby comes home. I won’t forget about you, I promise.”

Then I hear the door open, and Daddy’s shouting that him and Mommy are home. I immediately leave my room to greet them and meet my new sibling.

meet james

I’m in the nursery, which is right next to my room, trying to figure out why my brother James is crying. “Hey, James, I’m your sister Anne,” I say, and he seems to calm down. “There you go, you don’t need to cry- I’m right here with you.”


Before I go to bed, I go to the computer to play this new typing game that Leticia told me about. It seems way too easy, but it’s supposed to be for my grade level, so I assume that the game is broken. I’m confused about why she would tell me to play a game that’s broken, so I just keep playing while I think about things. James seems really special, and I really want to spend the night sleeping on the couch in the nursery with him, but I don’t know what Mommy will say about that. I don’t think that she will like it, but if I go in there after she goes to bed and get out before she wakes up; then I could do it. I just really hope that I don’t get caught by Daddy, because he would probably yell at me. I’ve never heard Mommy yell before, but he might be able to make her yell if he got angry enough. The reason why I want to sleep in James’ room is so hopefully he won’t hear any yelling. I know that that sounds silly since I can’t stop people from making or hearing noises, but I think that he’ll feel safer with me there.


3 thoughts on “The Doll House, Chapter 3: Promises

  1. “I listen to what Uni is saying and then I reply.” This line captured my heart. It reminded me of when I was little and played with my dolls. Anne’s innocence that you capture is pure magic! And her want to protect James is so sweet. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story! Keep them coming! 🙂


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