ATW Chapter 8: Summer Camp Time

you're going to summer camp

“I know that it’s been hard for you to adjust since we moved here, Waikika, but I’ve got the most amazing surprise for you this summer!” Jessica Knight told her daughter Waikika. “I’ve signed you, Hahon, and Cadence up for summer camp!”

“Why does Hahon get to come? That would have never been allowed back home,” Waikika replied.

“We’ve had to give up a lot of traditions since we’ve come here, Waikika, with one of the most important ones being the fact that we’ve allowed your father and Hahon to leave the house, get jobs, and enjoy the same pleasures that we do- the reason why we’ve allowed them this is because it’s how everyone else lives around here. If we want to blend in for long enough to find your older sister, this is the way we have to live.”

“Then why can’t you go to work instead of Ahio? If there’s supposed to be equal rights here, then you should be allowed to work in the same jobs that the men do.”

Jessica sighed, then replied, “In theory, there’s supposed to be equal rights for both genders, but unfortunately that’s not the case. With your siblings needing someone to care for them, we knew that only one of us would be able to work. Men are usually paid better wages than women here, so we decided that it would be best if Ahio worked and I stayed home. Yes, I know that this completely goes against what we’re used to, but it’s the way that you have to survive around here. It’s the only way.”

Waikika thought about what Jessica had said for a moment, then replied, “Okay, I guess that that makes sense.”

what will we do there

Next, Jessica went to the play area to tell Hahon about summer camp. “It’s called Cathy Tea’s Animal Hat Summer Camp. You’ll get to meet some other kids, run around outside, and have fun. And I heard that you’ll get to have a really fun camp counselor.”

“That sounds like fun! When do we get to leave?” Hahon replied.

“As soon as Cadence becomes a child and I’ve told her about it, which should be right about now.”

this is going to be awesome

“Now, I know that it sounds terrible for me to send you off to summer camp when you’ve just aged up, but it’s going to be a really fun way for you to meet other kids before school starts,” Jessica explained to Cadence.

“Is it going to be dirty there or anything? I really don’t want to be around dirt, and bugs, and fish, and….”

“Don’t worry Cadence, I’m sure that the facilities will be clean. And you probably won’t have to interact with any plants or animals unless you really want to.”

“So what else will there be to do besides those kinds of things?”

“They have an amazing art studio, if you wanted to draw pictures of nature instead of actually interacting with it.”

“With glitter, and magic crayons, and lots of paper?”

“Of course!”

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12 thoughts on “ATW Chapter 8: Summer Camp Time

      1. Ah, that explains it. You might enjoy the spin-off that I do for this family (whenever I get around to it-I might just wait until the main story is done and have a poll for which spin-off to do first).

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  1. Oh, no! I didn’t get to their session in time! Will Spring Camp work? (I hope they’ll still be kids… probably not. Hmm… Let’s figure out something, like camp for adults or flashback camp or camp for the next gen!)

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