The Doll House, Chapter 2: “There’s a Nooboo in my Tummy!”

I can't wait

“I can’t wait to go to school!” I tell Daddy.

“That’s good, my dear- what do you want to do the most while you are there?” he replies.

“I want to make a whole bunch of new friends so that I can invite them over to play. Maybe we could even have sleepovers!”

“Making connections early is a wise choice- just make sure that you’re being friendly with the right kinds of people. Since the war started, there have been many refugees coming into Oasis Springs, and I imagine that some of their children will be in your school.”

What Daddy’s saying doesn’t really make sense- why would I not want to make friends with someone? And what’s a refugee? Someone who makes fudge? No, that doesn’t sound right. I don’t want to interrupt Daddy, so I don’t ask him about any of this.

“Anyways, I have held you back for long enough. Go get dressed now so that you will have time to eat breakfast before school.”

getting ready

After getting dressed, I return to the living room with a plate of grilled cheese. Yes, I’m eating in the living room, and yes, I’m allowed to eat grilled cheese for breakfast (no one’s ever yelled at me for it, so I must be allowed to). I turn on the jukebox that’s in the room, and listen to the retro station. Mommy said that she got this on the honeymoon that her and Daddy went on after their wedding. She said that they went to someplace called Tennessee. When I asked where that was, she said that it was someplace close, yet far away at the same time. Sometimes I get mad that I don’t get better answers to my questions, but maybe I’ll find those answers at school today. You are supposed to learn things there, and I think that answers are something that you learn. Even if I don’t find any answers, maybe I’ll figure out how to get to them.


After going to school and doing more homework, Mommy calls me outside and says that she has something to tell me.

“What is it, Mommy?” I ask. Something seems different about her, but I can’t figure out what it is.

“I have a nooboo in my tummy!” she replied happily. That’s what seemed different- her tummy looked bigger.

“When’s it gonna come out?” I ask. I know that I won’t be able to do much with it right away, but I really want to see it and talk to it.

“In a few days. Until then, do you want to feel it?”

nooboo bump

I put my hands on Mommy’s tummy, and I can feel the nooboo kicking. I wonder if it would be able to hear me if I talked to it, and how it gets out, and how it becomes a kid like me. But before I can ask Mommy, I need to tell someone else about this.

a letter to Leticia

I go to the computer in the study to write an email to my pen-pal, Leticia. We got pen-pals in school today, and we’re supposed to write emails to them at least once a week. When I asked why we were doing this, the teacher said that it would help us with “computer literacy” and “communication skills” in addition to being a fun and interesting way to make friends. I asked Leticia in my email if she knows what any of these things mean- maybe she’ll know.


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