ATW Chapter 7: Wait, He’s What?!

Daniel feeding cynthia

Daniel smiled down at his daughter Cynthia as he bottle-fed her. It was hard to believe that these children were his, and that they acted so much like little people. Taking care of the triplets- Rayden, Cynthia, and Aidyn- had become one of his favorite pastimes, aside from jogging, swimming, watching sports, and practicing his charisma. The thing is, it had never occurred to him just how fast these precious children could be taken away from him.

don't baby me

“Hey, baby,” Daniel said as he sat down on the couch next to Regina.

“Don’t ‘hey, baby’ me,” Regina replied. “I know what you did.”

Daniel stared at his wife. “You- you found out?”

“Of course, you know how fast gossip goes around in my family- now, did you really kiss both Mindy and Mary Anne, one time when I was home, and one time in front of the other?”

“Er- yes?”

you really did

“Wait, you really did? It’s not just a rumor?” Regina stood up, looking like she was about to cry.

“Yes, I did- I’m not proud of it, but I did,” Daniel replied as he stood up next to her.

just an accident

“Now, before you go completely berserk, let me explain. The time with Mindy was just an accident- she was trying to make up with me for what she said when we announced our engagement.”

“What did she say?”

“She had said that it was too early; that we were rushing into things too quickly,” Daniel replied. “Anyways, she came over to make things up with me, and we became it bit more than friends- but none of it was my doing.”

“Okay, but what about the time with Mary Anne?”

mary anne and daniel

“I happened to be at the bar one time when Mary Anne and Mindy were also there. I talked with them for a bit, then Mary Anne pulled me to the side- which was more like in the center of the room- where she exchanged a few flirty words with me, then kissed me. Again, it wasn’t my fault, and Mindy didn’t seem to be too upset about it, so I figured that there was no harm done, and that it wasn’t a big deal.”

it wasn't your fault

“It wasn’t your fault?! How could you say that it wasn’t your fault?!”

By this point, Regina was practically screaming, and Daniel was worried that she was going to wake up the babies if she kept it up at this volume.

“You can’t tell me that it wasn’t your fault when you let it happen not once, but twice, without telling me. You can’t say it’s your fault when those girls are so in love that they would never, ever, do something like that to the other. You can’t say that it’s not your fault when you lied to me, betrayed me, the mother of your precious children. You can’t say that it’s not your fault when you hog them all day, and don’t do any work, while I cook, clean, repair things, and work a night job, which is the worst thing ever. Because of you, I never get to see my children, the three people who matter to me the most.” Regina was forced to stop her one-sided argument when she ran out of breath.

Daniel was about to reply when Regina concluded, “That’s it, I want a divorce.”



Daniel held Aidyn in his arms, relieved that he had received full custody of the children. If they had been taken away from him, he would have had no reason to stay settled down, and probably would have ended up committing worse acts of betrayal than he already had. As it was, Regina had been told to “leave the house immediately, don’t even stop to get your things, and living arrangements will be made for you until your rightful share of the household funds are able to be sent”. She would not be allowed to see the children unless they requested for her to come and visit, but Daniel was sure that they would never want to see her, since they had barely ever interacted with her. She would most likely fade out of their memories, just like many people do, and would soon only be a name on a birth certificate. But what he didn’t know was that some things can never be forgotten.

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