ATW Chapter 6: Summertime Surprises!

9 months later


Daniel Regina Wedding

“I can’t believe it,” Regina commented as her and Daniel tied the knot in their bedroom. “We’ve had three kids, extensive house renovations, and we’re now happily married.”

“Of course, my love,” Daniel replied, thankful that she didn’t know of some activities that had taken place over the past few months.


Mindy Daniel kiss

It had been one of those times during the pregnancy when Regina was extremely tired. Daniel, not having a job and feeling extremely bored, decided to invite Mindy over to repair things a bit. Unfortunately for him, he repaired things too far and knew that he needed to hide this from Regina, or she would leave him. To achieve this, he threatened Mindy into not telling anyone, or else he would “wreck all havoc on her relationship with Mary Anne”. Of course she agreed to it, and nothing else came of it.


pleading for Lillian

Around that time, one of Rosalynn’s dear childhood friends, Lillian, came over only to find that the Grim Reaper was expecting her. Though Rosalynn and Lillian hadn’t kept in touch very well, Rosalynn still pleaded for Lillian’s life, ultimately giving her a bit more time. Nine months later, she still lives on.





“Wow, these cars sure are big up close,” Polyanna commented as she walked with Annabeth, Mary Anne, and Mindy to the movie theater.

“But look at how small they make that elephant look,” Annabeth replied, distracting Polyanna from the fact that the cars were oddly large. The four of them had just come from a makeover at the mall, and the three adults were determined to make Polyanna’s first day of summer vacation as fun as possible. The new movie theater that had just opened up looked like the perfect opportunity, so they jumped at the chance to get half-priced tickets to the newest adventure film: Lester Bond and the Fire Raiders.

look at this

“Look at this!” Polyanna shouted as she ran into the lobby area. The orb seemed to be glowing as it floated in the middle of the air, and she was about to touch it when Annabeth ran in.

get away from there

“Get away from that!” Annabeth scolded, not knowing anything about the orb or what exactly it could do. “Come on, the movie’s about to start.”

movie time

Polyanna was the only one who really knew if the movie was good or not, because everyone else seemed to be distracted. Annabeth was thinking about the Lester Bond dream, the orb, the cars, and the possible connection between them, Mary Anne was planning a date for her and Mindy to go on that night, and Mindy slept through the whole thing.

just a nap

that was fun

After the movie, the four girls sat around one of the tables in the eating area of the movie theater. Polyanna looked down at her phone and announced, “Henry David’s invited us all to go to Hailey’s house tonight for supper- can we go?”

“It’s date night for Mindy and I, so we’ll pass,” Mary Anne replied, gazing dreamily into her partner’s eyes.


Annabeth sighed, and replied, “I’m sorry, but I took the day off from work to be here, so I have some stuff to make up from that. Text Henry David and tell him to come by and pick you up before he heads over there, and make sure not to stay out too late tonight.”

“Okay,” Polyanna replied, annoyed and a bit sad that her oldest siblings couldn’t come.


That night, Polyanna had a great time at the Kroft household.

Polyanna and Rowan

Rowan was excited to meet Polyanna, and really took the time to get to know her, unlike other adults. Polyanna, having a high level of social skill, also learned a lot about Rowan and decided that she was a really cool person. She almost felt a bit jealous of Hailey and Spencer for having such a great mom.

Polyanna and Spencer

Spencer was a bit younger than Polyanna, so this was her first chance to really get to know him. He liked art and music as much as Polyanna liked athletics, but besides that he seemed like he would be a good friend. Obviously he would never replace Duke, who was going to be in High School next year, but he would still be someone to play with at recess.

making scrambled eggs

Polyanna didn’t have a chance to talk to Hailey because Henry David kept hogging her attention, but she made good scrambled eggs that weren’t burnt. They would never be as good as Rosalynn’s perfectly seasoned ones with bacon, but Polyanna decided that she would be fine if she had to live off of them forever.


Author’s Note: The movie theater featured in this chapter is called The Cinema Hang Out by sd_drawsandgames and can be found on the gallery. Some modifications were made to it for story purposes.

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