ATW Chapter 5: A Cinderella Story

I don't have anything

Annabeth stared out the window, thinking about her family. “Everyone has something special except for me,” she muttered. “Mary Anne and Mindy are the perfect couple, Henry David is in with the popular kids, Beatrix is determined to find her real family, Polyanna is one of the most social kids I’ve ever known, and there are rumors that Regina is pregnant.”

Annabeth maid

“And what do I do all day? I work in a boring office, cook, clean, and basically act like a modern Cinderella.”

considering adoption

“And with Mary Anne and Mindy wanting to adopt, it’s only going to get worse.”

the beginning

Annabeth went to bed, tired of thinking of these things, and hoping that her dreams would bring some relief.

interesting dreams

We’ll see what kind of a dream she has, Cassandra thought.

she doesn't know

She dived into the piano, waiting for the dream to start so she could go in with Annabeth

lester bond

Annabeth was wandering along the trails near Ophelia Villa when she came across a very famous young man. “You’re Lester Bond!” she exclaimed, becoming excited that she was meeting the star of the best secret agent series ever.

starting a band

“Yes I am, and no, there aren’t going to be any more movies,” he explained. “Instead, I’ve been scouring Willow Creek and Oasis Springs for talented young people like you that would be willing to be in a band I’m starting.”

you want me

“You want me to be in your band?” Annabeth replied, surprised.

“Of course, unless you don’t want to hang out with me 24/7.”

I can't play an instrument

“But I can’t play an instrument, or sing, or anything!” Annabeth told him as they entered her house.

of course

“That doesn’t matter,” Lester replied, moving a bit closer to her. “You can learn.”

you think I look good

“But… you don’t think that I’m not thin enough to go out there?”

you really think so

“I’m actually looking for young women who are more your size to show my fans that they don’t have to be unhealthily thin,” Lester explained. “So you’re perfect.”

so you really do

“So you mean to say that you just chose me because of the way I look, without knowing anything about me.”

“But I have this huge offer for you! 4 million a year, with one or two tours a year, as well as a 10 million signing bonus!”

Annabeth thought about how Beatrix would definitely be able to find her parents with this kind of money, and how Henry David and Polyanna would be so excited about her being famous.

I can't believe it

“I’ll take the offer!”

“Great- you have a week to tell your family and friends and pack your bags to come to the agent’s office in Bridgeport.”


Then Annabeth found herself doing something unthinkable- she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

will you

Then she kneeled down and did something even worse. “Will you marry me?” she asked him.


“Absolutely not- you’re being completely crazy, and I withdraw my offer to let you be in the band,” Lester replied in a firm tone.

get me out of this

Annabeth’s head started pounding, and as she held it she muttered, “I want to get out of this nightmare- right now.”

Cassandra, knowing that Annabeth truly meant what she said, pulled her out of the dream immediately.


extraordinary dreams

The next day, Annabeth was telling Polyanna about her extraordinary dream when the girl said that she had a confession to make.

I kind of am

“I kind of got in a fight with Waikika the other day, because she was telling her friends at school to go and tease me and tell me that I don’t act enough like a girl. The thing is, I don’t want to act like a girl. Dying my hair red, dressing like this, practically everything different that I’ve ever done is to make myself different from them and more like the boys,” she explained. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve always felt more like the boys than the girls.”

I knew it

Annabeth bent over and hugged Polyanna, whispering into her ear, “I knew that you were like this ever since you popped out of that bassinet. I’ll tell you from Mary Anne’s experiences that things are going to be harder for you, but you can do it and I will always be here for you. Dad probably won’t like this very much, but you can always come and stay here if you need to.”

“You’re the best sister ever,” Polyanna replied, hugging her sister tighter.

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8 thoughts on “ATW Chapter 5: A Cinderella Story

  1. First, the dream, and Cassandra watching it was really creative. Second, I’m really interested to see how everything works out for Polyanna. Luckily I’m sure it’s already written so I don’t have to wait!

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