ATW Chapter 4: Many shades of Red


“You know what I did today?” Polyanna asked Henry David and Beatrix as the three of them got a midnight snack.


“Waikika came over and told me that I wasn’t acting enough like a girl. She was like, ‘you should put your hands on your hips like this, and stand like this, and walk like this, and act stupid like this.’ So you know what I did?”


“I totally mocked her! It was so hilarious, and then she acted all teenager-y on me! It was so hilarious that I just had to start laughing!”

I won

“Then we got into a fight, and I beat her once and for all! Those prissy friends of her will never get to me again! But the thing that’s really strange about her is her eyes- they’re kind of a gray color when you would expect them to be brown.”

I won (again)

“Then my friend Duke came over, and I beat him in a monkey bar race. And then we had the best idea!”

partners in crime

“Tomorrow before school, we’re going to let the gerbils out of their cage! The girls are going to scream so loud, and we’ll just be sitting there laughing- it’ll be the most epic day ever!”


“Well, I got a new hand buzzer, and tested it on Mindy’s mom, Larissa, who happened to be out jogging,” Beatrix replied. She couldn’t help but compete with her sister for the best story.

give fake bad news

“Then I had the best luck, because Mindy’s brother Stuart came over. I told him that I had given his mom a very big shock- I’m not sure if he believed me or not, but he was so angry.”

what about you

“So what did you do today, Henry?” Polyanna asked innocently.

“Well, I, uh, you know Hailey Kroft, right, Beatrix?” Henry David asked nervously.

“The most popular girl in school? Of course I do!” Beatrix replied.

sibling hug

“Well, more interestingly, Mary Anne came over, and we talked for a bit- it was nice seeing her again,” Henry David said instead of what he meant to.

“C’mon, tell us what happened with Hailey!” Polyanna begged impatiently.

good friends

“Well, first we talked some, and became really good friends,” Henry David replied. “She seemed really flattered that I wanted to get to know her so well.”

in my arms

“Then somehow she was in my arms, and, I guess I kind of enjoyed it.”

first kiss

“Something made me lean forward and put my lips on hers, and then we were kissing.”

“Ew! Gross!” Polyanna complained.

messing around

“Then we kind of messed around in bed a bit- the same bed where Mary Anne and Mindy, you know….”

no more cake

“Hey, where’d the cake go?” Beatrix asked to distract Polyanna from what was just said.

Polyanna and Henry David looked at each other. “Uhh, we ate it all?” they answered at the same time.

“What!? You didn’t save any for me!?” Beatrix replied in a fake angry voice. The three siblings laughed hysterically, then headed back to bed for the rest of the night.

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