ATW Chapter 3: Grieving for Cassandra

mary anne sobbing

The first thing that Mary Anne did after unpacking from the move to Ophelia Villa was pay her respects to her aunt Cassandra.She found herself sobbing, though she had barely known her father’s side of the family. The only reason why Mary Anne and Mindy had been allowed to move into the house with Annabeth was because the sisters were such good friends- Alexander wouldn’t have permitted it otherwise. Mary Anne suddenly wished that she had spent more time with Cassandra and Bella Goth before they died, but she had chosen to focus on finding love instead. Since she knew that Mindy would be concerned if she seemed upset, she decided to try to cheer herself up.

mary anne jogging

Changing into her athletic wear, Mary Anne jogged to the gym. On her way there, she thought about how people had said that she was athletically gifted when she was little- and it was true. She had spent so much time playing outside and typing on the computer that she had mastered the motor skill the day before she was due to age up. She didn’t really do much working out at the gym, but she did meet a man that spoke broken Simlish there. Something about him seemed somewhat familiar, though she couldn’t figure out why.

mary anne violin

The next morning, after waking up to the sound of the streetcar and not being able to go back to sleep, Mary Anne decided to try playing some violin. She knew that Cassandra had wanted to be a famous musician, and the squeaks and squeals of the instrument reminded her of when Annabeth had tried to play violin when they were children. Mary Anne wondered whether or not Annabeth remembered how to play- not that she had time to practice every day like she had back then, but it could be something fun to do on weekends.

mary anne piano

Deciding that the violin was probably going to wake up the neighbors, Mary Anne decided to try playing piano. The easier instrument made her remember how much she loved music, even the unappealing noises of Annabeth’s first attempts to play violin. Then she remembered how Henry David had given up on the violin and turned to piano instead. She wondered if he was still playing it at all, and felt inclined to return home and find out.

returning home

“No, I don’t think he’s been playing piano at all- but then again, I haven’t really been paying as much attention to him as I should be,” Rosalynn told Mary Anne. Then Beatrix came in.

“Mary Anne, look at this painting I made today!” Beatrix exclaimed, holding out her phone so Mary Anne could see.

“That’s… cool.” Mary Anne replied, not understanding the painting. Then again, she had never understood the drawings that Annabeth had made as a child, either, so she assumed that she was just not a big fan of art.

mary anne and mindy

That evening, Mary Anne and Mindy went on a date to the park near their new house. The atmosphere made Mary Anne feel much more cheerful than she had been, but Mindy could still tell that something was wrong. “What’s up?” she asked Mary Anne.

“I guess… I’m regretting the fact that I never took the time to get to know any of my dad’s family before they died,” Mary Anne replied, taking the time to carefully choose her words. “If I could just become friends with even one of them, I would be happy.”

“Well, let’s get home for supper. Maybe some of my good cooking will cheer you up.”

“Or we could have a little competition to see who can make the best garden salad.”

“You’re on!” Mindy replied, running towards their house.

ghost Cassandra

When the girls went back to the dining room after doing the supper dishes, they found a surprise: Cassandra had appeared as a ghost! Cassandra told Mary Anne and Mindy all about being dead and how Grim was actually a very nice sim once you got to know them.

“Grim?” Mary Anne asked.

“The Grim Reaper, though he doesn’t like to be called that,” Cassandra replied.

mindy and cassandra

After a long night of conversation, Mary Anne went to bed. Before Cassandra had to go back to her urn, though, Mindy gave her a quick hug. “Thank you so much for coming to visit us,” she said to Cassandra. “I know that this will cheer her up a lot, and I know that it’s a very special thing for a ghost to come back and visit.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon,” Cassandra replied, holding back tears of happiness for her brother’s family. “You and Mary Anne have a very special relationship, and I will always encourage you to keep it up, no matter what my brother says. Some times of trouble will be coming soon, but I know that with a love like yours, the family will be able to get through it.”

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