ATW: Prologue

Mary Anne's Announcement

Mary Anne excitedly told her siblings (and Aunt Regina, who was like a sibling at times) the big news.

“I’m getting married!” she exclaimed, then went on to tell about how she had proposed to Mindy on the front porch in her underwear.

“So yeah, I might have been a little crazy, but no one cares, right?” she asked, as she finished telling the story.

“I don’t have to wear a dress for this, do I?” Polyanna asked from next to her.

“Of course not, unless you want to. You and Henry David will be responsible for socializing with the guests and making sure that everyone has a good time. Speaking of roles in the wedding, will you be my maid of honor, Annabeth?”

“Of course; that’s what twins are for, right?” Annabeth replied.

“Great! I’ve already spoken to Mom, and she said that she’ll be the mixologist, but I do still need a caterer, so….”

“I can bake a cake,” Regina interrupted.

“Then that’s everything- you may now go back to your regular routine,” Mary Anne announced. Annabeth, Regina, and Henry David promptly got up to finish getting ready for work and school, while Beatrix and Polyanna stayed behind to finish their breakfasts.

Love... What

“Why do you want to get married to Mindy?” Polyanna asked. “She comes over almost everyday, now that you’re graduated.”

“Because we’re in love,” Mary Anne replied, not expecting the younger girls to understand.

“Yuck, that sounds like cooties,” Polyanna complained, quickly finishing her breakfast.

“What’s love?” Beatrix asked, not remembering anything about it from her biological parents.

“Love is when two people care about each other so much that they don’t want to let go,” Mary Anne replied, without really thinking about it.

“So death defies love?” Beatrix asked, knowing that her parents were, in fact, dead.

“Sometimes, but if love is strong enough it can defy death, too,” Mary Anne explained. “Now, I should go get some clothes on, and Polyanna, you need to get your homework done before school starts.”

“Yes, mother,” the two girls replied in unison. It was a joke of theirs that their older sisters acted more like parents than their actual parents did.

no more gloomy

As Polyanna did her homework at the dining room table, Beatrix couldn’t stop chattering about the wedding, love, and everything else under the sun.

“If love can defy death, I bet it can get rid of my gloominess!” Beatrix exclaimed, suddenly coming up with a great idea. “I know! When I age up into a teen, I’m going to go up to the first person I see and ask them to exchange promise rings- I’ll be so pretty that they won’t be able to turn me down. What do you think, Polyanna? They won’t be able to turn me down, right?”

leave me alone

Polyanna was about to reply when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. Taking it out, she realized that it was the principal calling because she was late to school.

“Just leave me alone, sis,” Polyanna grumbled, writing as fast as she could. “I’m already late for school as it is, and I’ve only got my homework 50 percent done.”

“O- okay,” Beatrix replied, heading into the office to play Keyboard Commander on the family computer. “I’ll see you after school.”

>>Next– Chapter 1: Learning About Beatrix


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