ATW Chapter 2: Regina’s Engagement

Thank you

“Thanks for taking me in,” Regina said to Daniel as she finished the bowl of salad she had been offered. “I was never really that close to my sister anyways, since she moved out when I was a baby; I actually knew her oldest girls better than I did her. I didn’t really want to move to Ophelia Villa with Annabeth, Mary Anne, and Mindy since I’m not related to the Goths, but I didn’t really want to stay with my aging sister and her three younger children that I hardly know, either. And since I don’t really have a steady, well-paying job, I didn’t want to get my own place just yet. And since….”

“I think I’ve got the gist of what you’re saying,” Daniel interrupted. “Since we were already in a relationship anyways, it just made sense for you to move in with me.”

“You understand me perfectly,” Regina replied. “But I have one thing that I need to ask you.”

“Anything for someone as beautiful as you are.”

will you marry me

Kneeling down before him, she asked, “Daniel Bentley, will you marry me?”

“Yes,” he replied, sealing their pact with a kiss.



The Next Day


“Mary Anne and Mindy should be here any minute now, and Annabeth said that she would come straight here after work,” Regina told Daniel. “Then we can make our announcement.”


“To put it bluntly, we’re engaged,” Daniel announced. The three girls congratulated them politely, making Regina angry that they weren’t more excited. All of the siblings had reacted much better than this when Mary Anne announced her engagement, even though Alexander didn’t exactly approve.

too fast

Later, Mindy and Daniel were dancing inside the bar when Mindy commented, “It seems like you and Regina are moving this along a bit fast. Have you even met all of her sister’s family yet?”

“Uhh…. No?” Daniel replied, feeling in the wrong.

“You can tell Regina that that’s exactly why we acted the way we did,” Mindy said as they were about to leave.

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